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China Wholesale Foods

China Wholesale Foods

A huge number of the world’s products originate from China – and in today’s guide we shall look at buying wholesale foods from China.

Why Buy Wholesale Food from China
It’s not a coincidence that so many items have the ‘Made in China’ label written on them. China offers businesses the opportunity to bulk buy food (and other) items at very low prices when compared to local prices.

Even with shipping costs included, wholesale foods from China will almost always be cheaper than buying locally. In fact, many Chinese food wholesalers offer free shipping when you purchase a certain amount of products.

The quality of wholesale foods from China are also very good, although you need to do your research beforehand to make sure you are purchasing from a high quality manufacturer. Try and request a free sample of their products before buying in bulk.

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Types of Wholesale Food from China
There are hundreds of different food items imported from China to almost every country around the world each and every day.

Approximately $4.1 billion of seafood and agricultural products were imported into the USA alone in 2006 from China, which is a massive increase from the $800 million that was imported in 1995. It is very difficult to find items in the supermarket that have not originated – or have ingredients within them – from China.
Some of the biggest food imports to the USA from China include instant coffee, apple juice, garlic, dried berries and pine nuts. Many people will be surprised to know that approximately 50 percent of apple juice in the USA originates from China.

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Fresh, whole foods are generally not suitable for purchasing wholesale from China – largely because of the various laws imposed by different countries around the world. Some countries, such as Australia, are very strict about what food products can be brought into the country as many may carry harmful pests and diseases that can affect their own crops.

Packaged and tinned foods are very popular for purchasing wholesale from China, and a large number of convenience stores import their food items from China.

How to Buy China Wholesale Foods
One of the best ways to purchase wholesale foods from China is via the internet. However, despite this being a very easy and straightforward way of purchasing – many people still prefer to visit manufacturers in person in China prior to making any purchases. By visiting the manufacturer you also have an opportunity to sample the foods and check their quality as well as come to a good business arrangement – which can often be a lot cheaper than if dealing over the internet.

If however, you cannot afford to invest in a trip to China, the internet is your next best option. Most large Chinese wholesale food manufacturers have their own website – which will usually be in English. From there you can view their products and prices as well as speak to a sales person who can help you make any decisions.

Also try speaking to any friends or colleagues to see if they have had any experience dealing with Chinese food wholesalers – as personal recommendations are always a great way to start.

Warnings when Buying Wholesale Food from China
There are always precautions that need to be taken before buying products from overseas – particularly food products. The main thing to watch out for is that China has different food standards to the USA and other countries in the world.

In the past, products were known for being of a poor standard from China, however more and more food manufacturers in China are producing their items to foreign food standards to increase the salability of their products. When buying foods from China, make sure that they conform to the standard required in your country – as you don’t want to face legal action in the future if something were to go wrong.

You will also need to check that whatever products you buy are legal to enter your country – as there are restrictions on what can be brought in. If in doubt, speak to a customs official prior to making your purchase.

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