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Yiwu Wholesale Market

Yiwu Wholesale Market


The Yiwu wholesale market is the greatest venture in mass production. You can find everything there and this market distribute to more than 200 countries. If you gave each distributor at the market 3 minutes between an everyday normal eight hours of traiding, it would take you over a year to see and get round the market. Global economy deterioration striked manufacturers  hard. Their orders dropped by 3.2 percent.

The failure in demand from abroad has been reimbursed by a growing domestic market. The main operators are infrastructure grant, active auto sales, and a comback in housing sales and construction. Consumer requirements, by contrast, continue being relatively weak. But that’s relative. Money is still flowing in to Yiwu, and produced goods  flying out.

International trade hasn’t been strong  for some time – exports in August fell 23.4 per cent from a year earlier, much more than expected, and even more than the 23 per cent fall in July, as global demand continued being weak – but the market shows no sign of slowing.

Yiwu has got certain aspects similar to Shenzhen in the south: everyone here is an immigrant, and the language is Mandarin, rather than the local Zhejiang dialect. And there are exceptionally few old people around. Lots of young people come to Yiwu to become a part of the huge hustle..

Right now Yiwu market includes 4 main markets, Yiwu huanyuan market,Yiwu socks market (Knitting market), Yiwu binwang market,Yiwu international trade market (Yiwu futian market).YIwu Wholesale Market